Children's Ministry


First Communion

Children typically prepare for First Communion and First Reconciliation 

when they are in the second grade.  

Since the Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life” CCC 1324, it is imperative that families are able to make sacramental preparation a priority before enrolling.  Students will be exploring a deeper understanding of sacred scripture, the structure and historical/Biblical roots of the Mass, and the formation of conscience with an overall focus on the 

life and teaching of Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd.  

Weekly participation in Mass is essential to formation and preparation.

Participating families must be established, registered parishioners of St. Therese for at least one year and are expected to attend Mass regularly, attend parent meetings, 

participate in at-home enrichment, and follow the program handbook.  

Families wishing to enroll who are moving to the area from another place or those with children in the third grade or older who have not yet received First Communion and First Reconciliation may contact Megan Gavrillen to discuss your specific circumstances.

Please note that as above, families must be established, 

participating parishioners for at least one year.

For the First Communion calendar please click here.