Giving to St. Therese


If you would like to make a donation to the Parish, we offer some convenient giving options

Automatic Withdrawal (Electronic Funds Transfer)

The most efficient and most frequently used method is Automatic Withdrawal, which takes your donation directly from your checking or savings account.  Automatic Withdrawal is easy for you, and it creates significant time and cost savings for the Parish office. If you are currently paying your bills on-line, please consider adding St. Therese to your list of payees so you can make donations without writing a check. 

Traditional Sunday Envelopes

If requested, these are sent to parishioners each month in the mail.  If you would like to receive these, contact the parish office.  If you no longer need Sunday envelopes, please let the Parish office know. 

On-line Giving

To donate to St. Therese online, please click here 

Need to set up an account to give on-line?

St. Therese, along with many Catholic churches, utilizes the Access portal hosted by for on-line services for our parishioners.  Access ACS is our Parish database.  This software allows you to securely access information on-line to:
- Update your family’s information
- Access our on-line parishioner directory
- Give electronically
- View your giving history
- Receive your year-end annual giving statement

To get started – go to the St. Therese website, just click on On-Line Giving/Directory tab at the top right hand corner of the brown navigation banner.  Click on the “here” link to access the database. 

If it is the first time that you are using the system, skip past the blue box (“Sign In”)... and go below the blue box to “Need a login? Click here”…Click there, and follow the directions to set up a password.

Once you have set a password you can “sign in” to the blue box and get started with online giving.

Click on “Giving” then on “Give Online”.  If you have any questions, please contact the Parish office.